Pregnancy can be exciting and overwhelming. You become more conscious about what is happening to your belly and body. Trying to keep all nutrition balanced and be as healthy as possible seems to be the number one goal. However, pregnancy brings big changes in your body and your mouth is no exception. Due to the increase in hormone levels, your oral cavity becomes more vulnerable to bacteria and plaque. One of the most common dental problem associate with pregnancy is the pregnancy gingivitis. The symptoms are usually bleeding, swollen, red and tender gums. As a mother, your oral health during pregnancy is associate to your child’s oral health when they grow up. It is very important to maintain a good oral hygiene for your own health as well as your baby’s.


A lot of parents do not understand the importance of oral care during pregnancy.  A mother’s oral health is linked to its own body health. When you are carrying a little on inside you who absorbs what your own body is absorbing and experience things your own body is experiencing. With poor oral health during pregnancy you will have a higher chance in giving birth to a low birth weight, premature baby and having pre-eclampsia compare with mothers who have a healthy oral cavity (see more about pregnancy gingivitis and premature birth here). Your previous oral hygiene habits may not be sufficient during pregnancy anymore with increase in craving of sweets and eating sessions throughout the day. Plaque can become viral if you still stick to your normal morning and night brushing routine. Knowing how concern parents can be when they are expecting a baby and have too much to do at the same time, Beelab purposely designed a whole series of products dedicated to all mothers to use during pregnancy, post pregnancy and while breast feeding.







Beelab Pregnancy Series has an excellent range of products made only using natural ingredients. The main ingredient is the New Zealand Manuka Honey. The antibacterial activity of manuka honey has been known for almost as long as bacteria have existed. Professor Peter Molan from the University of Waikato once said, “There is something else in manuka honey and there is nothing like that ever been found anywhere else in the world.” That “something else” has proven to be the Unique Manuka Factor which has a broad spectrum of actions. It is able to work on bacterial infections. It is very gentle on gums and oral tissues with inflammatory and healing properties. Manuka honey helps sooth bleeding and irritating gums during pregnancy (click here to read more about manuka honey and preventing gingivitis).


A lot of people wonders how manuka honey kills bacteria. Well, it dries them up, the sugar content in honey dehydrates bacteria, when we dilute honey with fluids honey product hydrogen peroxide to kill bacteria. Manuka honey helps repair infections and bleeding by seals in the good tissue fluid, provide nutrition to the tissue to decrease inflammation and swelling during pregnancy. Manuka honey forms a shield around your teeth when brushing which reduces the buildup of plaque and reduce to chances of gingivitis.


Morning sickness is also a concern for a lot of mothers during pregnancy. Morning sickness tends to worsen during the first 3 months of pregnancy. With the increase in acid, the process of tooth decay speeds up. Erosion of the tooth material can affect your oral health severely. Beelab Pregnancy Products have added a little natural ginger root extract to reduce the motion of sickness and nausea. Ginger can inhibit bacterial growth and works as an anti-inflammatory agent to help relieve the pain and swelling the bleeding gums brings (find out more about ginger for nausea and vomiting in pregnancy here).








A lot of mothers experience gagging while using normal toothpaste when they are pregnant as it is harder to tolerate the strong minty chemical taste in their mouth. This leads to the reduction of brushing time which can severely lead to pregnancy gingivitis. Beelab pregnancy series comes in a very light scented mint flavor. Beelab product does not contain other added flavors that makes you nauseous. With no additional chemicals such as fluoride and SLS (sodium laurel sulfate) to ensure what you put into your mouth is no harm to you and your baby when it gets absorb into the body.


Although there are a lot of antibacterial and anti-plaque products existed on the market, the actual cleaning comes from the physical act of brushing, this helps eliminate leftover food particles from your teeth. What you need to be looking for in an oral care product is its ability to eliminates bacteria, natural tooth gel can do the same. Beelab is here giving you a healthier alternative to other chemical-filled toothpaste. Beelab cares about what you put into your mouth and what is good for you and your child.


Be cautious when you feel an itching gum and bleeding during pregnancy. Even if pregnancy gingivitis fades shortly after birth, oral health should still be taken seriously during pregnancy. Beelab recommend mothers to talk to your dentist, treat the plaques that has been buildup regularly so gingivitis doesn’t develop or worsen throughout pregnancy. Especially when your health ties to the little one in your belly. It is very important for you to be proactive about maintaining a good oral hygiene during pregnancy and after pregnancy. Beelab is here to care for you.