It has been nearly half year ago since the first release of Beelab Pregnancy Mouthwash, today we present you with the Ever Young Series Mouthwash

Many of us brush and floss our teeth, some may just stick with brushing twice a day. Did you know, when your brushing and flossing you are only cleaning the surface of your teeth, you cannot fully remove all the plaque and bacteria within your oral cavity. Mouthwash plays an important part in your everyday teeth cleaning, mouthwash is able to reach your tongue, inner liner of your cheek, gum and your lips. With the help of mouthwash you will be alb to dislodge and remove remaining food particles and bacteria in your mouth.


The Beelab Ever Young Mouthwash is made out of natural ingredients, including our famous New Zealand Manuka Honey. The Unique Manuka Factor (UMF) in the Manuka Honey has an antibacterial property which prevent bacteria and plaque formation. The Ever Young Mouthwash does not contain fluoride and alcohol as we all know the concern these two ingredients may bring to our general health. Without alcohol  the Ever Young Mouthwash is gentle on gums and oral tissues, providing inflammatory and healing properties.


Many people have concerns over natural oral products, having doubts on the effectiveness. The actual cleaning comes from the physical act of brushing and flossing your teeth, the most important thing for you to concern is “can the product effectively eliminate bacteria in your oral cavity?” Beelab natural tooth gel and mouthwash can do the same. We are giving all of you a healthier alternative than the chemical-filled oral products.